Friends and family call me Vincent, Vince, Vinny or Vin. But since 1995 I’ve been known online simply as Vingold.

About Me

I’m a single father of two well-adjusted children who are in college. But, I don’t really have an empty nest since three dogs keep me company and drive me crazy. Like most people, I struggle with my weight and with my finances. And I’m always trying to do more tomorrow than what I did today.

In high-school and college I was a classic underachiever – but I really enjoy working hard and I thrive in the workplace.

My mother was a programmer for the Census Bureau and my father repaired appliances before finding success in new home sales. Both of my parents and their professions influenced me growing up and therefore I am in both IT and real estate – and this is probably why I haven’t been able to pick one or the other exclusively.

My 20′s and 30′s were full of new experiences (marriage and businesses) and failures (marriage and businesses), but I wouldn’t change any of it. We’re made up of our experiences and mine have brought me to where I am. I’m very much looking forward to the next several chapters of my life.

Top Nine Things About Me (in no particular order)

  1. I proudly associate myself with Generation-X.
  2. I love Maryland more than what should be allowed by common-sense.
  3. I don’t generally like the taste of cheese which makes me a pain to eat with.
  4. I almost always have a Diet Coke in my hand, or nearby.
  5. I am a voracious reader of most things non-fiction.
  6. I enjoy doing things using Microsoft Excel and will often while away a weekend analyzing totally random data.
  7. I read graphic novels and trade paperbacks and I’m especially fond of crime/noir story-lines.
  8. I do Improv.
  9. The list of things I’ve started to learn and want to finish learning include: playing the piano, flying a plane, speaking Spanish and speaking Chinese.

This Blog

This particular blog has had several incarnations going back to 2004. At different times I’ve blogged about all things political, educational, and media related. I’ve also thrown in way too many anecdotes that haven’t been at all interesting once I read them a second time.

In late 2007 I did a major overhaul and moved the blog from MovableType to WordPress. I’ve found a few themes I liked and combined them and customized them into what exists today. And I deleted boat loads of old posts that just didn’t seem relevant or interesting anymore. The posts I did keep I consider the “best of the best” even if some of them are mediocre.

My Endeavors

I’m an IT Manager for GDIT, I have about a dozen web properties that I’m maintaining, and I am a full-time real estate professional.

Whenever an exciting project pops up, I team up with other like-minded freelancers and part-timers and together we knock it out. While we’re multi-talented, most of our work is in the area of business analysis, content development, marketing and process improvement.

Locally, I volunteer with the Anne Arundel County Literacy Council.


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  1. Just got done reading your article on the 4-hour work week over at SEOmoz.

    Excellent stuff. Was surprised that you’re actually in the real-estate business. You have a second-calling as a writer.


  2. Hi Vincent,

    Thats a great article on SEO that you wrote recently. I’d like to invite you as a guess author on my site http://www.semhints.com and of course I’d include links to sites of your choosing either within the content or bio.

    I thought the article might have been the usual SEO stuff but it was definitely insightful to read. Thanks


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