My quick thoughts on Net Neutrality

Simple principles:

1) I’m against a completely tiered Internet (having to pay more money to reach certain sites)

2)  If two private companies (Google and Verizon) want to come to an agreement on the priority that some of their sites have, I don’t necessarily think the government should get involved.

3) However, I think all sites with similar content should be treated the same.  For instance, YouTube shouldn’t get through faster than FunnyOrDie just because Google owns YouTube and they have the money/leverage/power to negotiate a better deal for their content.  Verizon (and other ISPs) should strive to keep all sites with similar content on the same level playing field.

4) If Verizon isn’t going to do this on their own, then the FCC should step in.  If we’re tiering the Internet based on Content and not on corporate ownership – then I’m okay with that.

5) I think everyone should be able to access whatever content they want, but if ISPs need to throttle down on the bandwidth of certain sites in order to serve all customers equally, then they should – and leave it up to the customer if they want to pay more to get certain content quicker. If you want your videos to load and play smoothly, if you want your video games not to lag – then you need to pay more.

6) All bets are off when it comes to the wireless Internet accessible by mobile devices. I’m speaking strictly about landlines here.

There are times at my house where someone will be playing Halo through Xbox Live, someone else will be playing WoW, someone will be downloading a torrent or talking on Skype and someone else will be watching a TV show or movie through Hulu or Netflix.  This isn’t an infrequent occurrence, this is a typical weekend (and sometimes weekday) night.

I know we’re bandwidth hogs and I’m willing to pay more for that privilege.

Without paying more, it is wrong of me to take up all of the bandwidth and to deprive my neighbors* of looking at some Flash content on or of looking at a photo album on Facebook.

I should have to pay more for not only for the speed of my content (which I already do), but also for the type of content I’m downloading and uploading.

But leave it up to the user to make that determination.
*Neighbors here doesn’t necessarily represent any of my actual neighbors.  All of my neighbors (at least all the ones that I know) are on Verizon FIOS whereas I am on Comcast.


My quick thoughts on Net Neutrality — 1 Comment

  1. While I agree with most of what you said, I take exception with the last point,

    “I should have to pay more for not only for the speed of my content (which I already do), but also for the type of content I’m downloading and uploading.”

    If someone wants to pay more for increased bandwidth – I’m all for that. However it’s my opinion that data is data, one shouldn’t have to pay their ISP more for downloading/streaming a video from YouTube just because the owner of that domain has the e-weight to thrown around.

    I think this is a dangerous trend. In effect, creating “gated communities” online that can only be accessed if you pay your ISP for the privilege. Just like the quasi-legal entities that have popped up over the last 10-15 years banking on patents and copyrights have stifled progress in creative and technical fields, this could lead to a stifling of worldwide networking of information and e-commerce.

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