Embracing the Imperfect Blog Post

This might come as a shock to my 7 RSS subscribers, but I’m not a very prolific blogger.

Courtesy of PsychoFish (lou) via Flickr

Courtesy of PsychoFish (lou) via Flickr

My lack of blogging is not due to a shortage of ideas or an insurmountable level of effort in putting fingers to keyboard.  It is due to a relatively high – yet achievable – standard I’ve set for myself when it comes to writing.

I don’t consider myself a perfectionist, but I do take pride in how I craft ideas into words.

Unfortunately, this usually means I won’t post at all for one or more of the following reasons:

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Review: Podcamp-SearchCamp Philly September 6th and September 7th 2008.

This post has been in a draft status for a while; since I am getting ready to write my SMX East review, I figured it was time to push it out.

This was my very first Pod Camp/SearchCamp Unconference.

I found out about this event a little bit at the last minute (maybe a few days before), but since it only cost $20 to attend and it was just a smidge over a 2 hour drive from Chez Vin – I figured it might be worthwhile to check it out. Continue reading