Spring Cleaning Checklist for the Internet Set

It’s that time of year when we all throw open the windows, hang out the carpets, spruce up the yard and get to cleaning out the cobwebs.

If you’re like me you live and browse on the fly, making changes here and there, adding things and subtracting things as you see fit. Spring gives us a good excuse to take a break and clean up some of the clutter we’ve accumulated both online and off.

For those of us who live and work on the Internet – here is my Spring Cleaning Checklist:

__ Check all of your web sites for broken links (W3C Broken Link Checker)

__ Check all of your web sites for valid mark-up (W3C Markup Validator and W3C CSS Markup Validator)

__ Check your web sites for load time (Web Page Analyzer Load Time Check)

__ Check your website for Usability (Daily Bits Essential Web Usability Checklist and Dr. Pete’s Measuring Usability)

__ Update, Add and Remove any Plug-ins from Firefox or your browser of choice

__ Update your robots.txt exclusion file (Sebastian’s Pamphlets)

__ Using your analytics software review your visitors browsing capabilities and make any adjustments necessary

__ Delete any extraneous or out-of-date RSS feeds from your feed reader

__ Update any public profiles (this includes claiming or unclaiming blogs on sites like Technorati, MyBlogLog, etc.)

__ Update your Blogging Software and any Plug-Ins and Themes

__ Clean out old e-mails and e-mail folders (I have folders for things like “upcoming travel and events”, “act on this” and “read later” – they always have old stuff in them).

__ Clean out and organize your bookmarks/favorites from your Internet Browser

__ Clean out any favorites you no longer want from your RSS Reader and any social bookmarking sites

__ Update your forum signatures

__ Get rid of and 301 any old web sites or blogs

__ Update the settings in your Analytics software, Webmaster Central, and Google Adsense settings

__ Clean out the Temp file directory, Cookies and Recycle Bin on your computer

Did I miss anything?

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